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We provide the following services to give you hope if your child becomes missing:

  • Missing Children Hotline:
  • Crisis Counseling
    Counseling for the Families of Missing Children. Trained counselors can help you with the feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and helplessness you may feel.
  • Search Assistance
    Locating the child (active searching for your child!). Trained investigators work without a charge to the families.
  • Prevention Training Seminars
    Training provided to your group--travel expenses may be required.
  • Photo Distribution
    Distribution through TV programs, magazines, newspapers, fax-networks, flyers, Child Search® Alerts, direct mail, World Wide Web, etc.

Little Larry
Little Larry, missing 16 months from Indianapolis, INDIANA; recovered in OKLAHOMA (shown here with baby sister after reunion)

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if your Child were missing?

voice: 1-800-3:16-HOPE (4673)
fax: 281-320-0055


Sacco Children
"People need to know that just because children are taken by a parent doesn't mean they are safe . . . I thank God for Child Search®." (F. Sacco; Houston, Texas; mother reunited with her abducted children) (right)
"It is nice to know that there is an organization like Child Search® that helps police departments with these types of situations." (Officer A. Avakian; Manteca Police Department, California)
T.J. and Ashley
T.J. & Ashley (right) were missing from MASSACHUSETTS and recovered in Texas two years after being taken. NATIONALLY TELEVISED ON AMERICAN JOURNAL.
Little Steve (right) missing more than 2 years, was recovered in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. He was featured internationally on Spanish language Television, and the back cover of USA Auction Locator magazine.
Little Steve
"The youth are still talking about the techniques they learned in your Safety Seminars. The partnership and networking . . . is long and lasting" (D. Redeaux, Shape Community Center; Houston, Texas)
Yogetta (left), missing from CALIFORNIA for three months; recovered in Texas.
Curtis (right), missing 5 years from KANSAS; recovered in Beaumont,Texas.
"I just treasure each day, because I was denied the privilege of having her for so long." (J. Wilson, Humble, Texas; mother reunited with abducted daughter)
Asia (left), recovered in NEBRASKA, missing 4 months from CALIFORNIA.

Chase (right), taken from and found in Texas; featured on Operation Child Search® (TV project sponsored by Block Buster Video, HI-LO Auto Parts & Paramount).
"Thanks to your wonderful organization, lives have begun afresh. You deserve all the support, financial and otherwise, for you have proven time and again the worthiness of your organization." (Linda Quintana & A. Tsegga, Dept. of Children's Services; Elmonte, Ca.)
Justin and Joshua
Justin & Joshua (left), taken out of Texas; missing 3 months—found in OHIO.
Valerie (right), abducted on Christmas Eve through her bedroom window in ARIZONA, was recovered over 2 years later in GEORGIA.

Picture of ID-Kit
"I have watched with great interest the work of Child Search®, including heart warming accounts of recoveries of missing children . . . The Safe Sam Child ID Safety Kit is an excellent tool to place into hands of law enforcement."
(Bob Lanier, Mayor of Houston, Texas)

"The ID Kit available through Child Search® provides . . . crucial records and information . . . for police in the event a child you know is missing."
(Royce Carpenter, Chief of Police; Camden, Arkansas)

Send $5.00 donation per kit to:

P.O. Box 73725
Houston, Texas 77273
voice: 1-800-3:16-HOPE (4673)
fax: 281-320-0055

Child Search® Ministries is a Christian ministry lifting up the Lord Jesus Christ as the answer to all the challenges of life. Remember that Jesus is the Lord of Lords & King of Kings. May the Lord bless & keep you and yours.

Child Search® Ministries
P.O. Box 73725
Houston, Texas 77273

Voice: 800-3:16-HOPE (4673)
Fax: 281-320-0055
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